Fabrication Facility Construction Management

Secure by Design

The history of the microelectronics and semiconductor industry being moved into U.S. production has been marked by a complex interplay of economic, technological, and geopolitical factors. Over the past few decades, various entities within the global semiconductor landscape have undergone shifts in production locations, responding to market demands and evolving trade policies, creating a need to bring semiconductor manufacturing to the domestic market in order to ensure supply chain security and strengthen the defense industrial base.

“The construction of semiconductor fabs, such as Samsung, TSMC, and others, are incredibly strategic for our national security. “– Eric Schmidt former Google CEO, Chairman of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

With 35+ years of experience in secure facility design & construction, Palmer’s Contracting Group has brought our expertise to the microelectronics/semiconductor fabrication industry. We recognize the critical need for intellectual property protection, enhancing national security facilities, and securing our supply chain.

How PCG Can Assist with Your Fabrication Facility Construction:

Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) – As an LSI with a vast background in secure facility design & construction, PCG excels at overseeing and coordinating the integration of diverse systems and components. Our expertise ensures the development of a cohesive and effective solution for your facility or project. With PCG’s already proven track record in microelectronics/semiconductor fabrication facilities as an LSI, you can trust that all security systems, technologies, and components will seamlessly work together to provide comprehensive protection.

PCG Project Controls Diagram

Why PCG?

  • Dedicated team with a proven track record for construction management oversite on the largest fab facilities in the country
  • On-staff Subject Matter Experts in wastewater treatment plants, high-purity piping, chemical distribution, and other highly technical areas
  • Semiconductor fabrication facility Subject Matter Experts: Construction Managers, Superintendents, QAQC, Schedulers, and more
  • A long track record of managing and achieving accreditation on secure construction projects from start to finish including large industrial projects
  • Extensive experience working in operational occupied spaces, allowing us to minimize production disruptions to the workplace and ensure a seamless implementation process
  • Cost-saving solutions while maintaining high-quality standards
  • Design, build, and consulting
  • Security built in by design

PCG’s subject matter expertise in secure facility construction uniquely qualifies us to encompass all aspects of construction management required to successfully bring microelectronic/semiconductor fabrication facilities to fruition with a secure supply chain. Our approach is centered around adapting to our client’s specific needs and promptly addressing government requirements. With our extensive experience in designing, building, and consulting on secure facilities, we excel at executing large-scale jobs that others may find challenging. At the core of our business philosophy lies a commitment to prioritize quality and professionalism over profit. Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional results.

Through our comprehensive approach to managing construction projects, we aim to minimize typical construction challenges, such as change orders inflating pricing and identifying equipment and materials that are at high-risk for failure. By proactively addressing potential issues, we ensure a smooth construction process for our clients. It all starts at your design phase, by ensuring a tightly designed set of construction documents and specifications for all trades.

Some clients may not necessarily require a full SCIF but still need to have a secure environment similar to SCIF standards, specifically to protect intellectual property. Our background and expertise in SCIFs/SAPFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities/Special Access Program Facilities) allow us to ensure microelectronics/semiconductor fabrication facilities are built in a secure manner.

Our primary focus is to assist clients in securing their intellectual property throughout the entire process. We ensure they receive robust protection at every step, ensuring measurably secure facilities are accomplished with our design and oversite.

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